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About Michelle Leslie

I am unorganized, have dirty hair most of the time (I find it styles better…haha), and on multiple rabbit trails throughout the day, but I am ready and continuing to seek what God has planned for my life...


This pic was taken doing what I do most mornings and was what I was doing in a moment of desperation in 2012, only I did NOT have a smile that day. I was sitting at my kitchen table all day long, drinking tea. What I want you to see in the picture are the spiral-bound recipe cards.

Michelle Leslie

Many tough things had happened that led up to what God did that day. I was empty, sad, and not sure what to do. Even being a person of prayer, the best I could come up with was, “I trust you, God”. That day, I knew I needed to take it a step further, so in complete emotional exhaustion, I got my bible out and started writing scriptures down on the recipe cards. Then God inspired me to start writing my name and the names of my family into the scriptures. At that time, being so lost in my circumstances, the one and only thing I knew was that if I was praying God’s word, I was praying God’s will for my life. As I wrote the personalized scripture prayers, my mind started to clear, and although my circumstances were not in alignment with God’s word, my mind and heart were. My mind was renewed, and I had the peace that passes all understanding. I got over that hurdle in my life strong and started making these little recipe card books for everyone in my family and friends that were going through hard times. In 2015, empowered by the word of God, I published Activating God’s Power - The Personalized Version. This tool has helped me and thousands of people. It has touched people’s hearts in 7 countries, that I know of. The book did not happen because I was in a great place in my life, because I was highly educated because I was a powerful woman, or because I had a perfect family. In fact, it was the complete opposite. God can do anything with a willing heart… It started on a scratched-up kitchen table, that was dirty from my children’s breakfast and wet from tears. It started with a little old spiral-bound recipe card book.

The power of God’s word was established in my life when I found my God around the age of 21. At that time, I had always struggled to learn, read and retain information. I was told I had dyslexia as a child and was in special education through elementary and high school. I now know, I also had undiagnosed ADHD. All of this made my life educationally and socially challenging. When I did come to Jesus, I tried reading the bible and it held my interest! As I dove into the word of God, my life changed dramatically. Romans 12:2 was in full effect, and I was being transformed by the renewing of my mind. My learning disability that had held me back my whole life was still there but diminishing. I was finally retaining some information, growing in confidence, and developing a voice for the message that God wanted me to share. I knew that many would be inspired by the message of being obedient in stepping out in faith when CALLED, even when a person doesn't feel equipped, is uneducated, or is inexperienced. God’s power was and is being made perfect in my weaknesses. I understand more now than ever that it is not about me. Allowing God to flow through me in my weakness is more powerful and better than anything I could ever do in my own strength!

This bio is getting long, and although there is so much more to share, I will end it with what is important. What you know reveals that I have struggled. In many ways, I continue to do so. I am so thankful for every trial and blessing because they have kept me brought me back to my knees and reminded me of what an awesome God I have!


Who are the people I look up to most in this world? I have two amazing daughters that are now little women! By God’s grace they are the coolest, kindest, and strongest women I know! They blow me away with the things they say and the great things they do! I truly wish I was more like them both, with all their unique differences.



Celebrity crush: Not in a weird way, but Dolly Parton! I admire her so much for her relentless pursuit of greatness! Dolly has used all that she is to create opportunities for others to make a living and learn to read and the way she shares her love of God is so cool because it is real, honest, and not cheesy.


Favorite food: Gorgonzola, truffled anything, and I’m a carnivore that loves to barbecue.

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