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Michelle Leslie's Books

Do you desire to discover more purpose in your life? 


To have more balance, peace & a Godly mindset? 

To be able to navigate life's decisions and clear direction?  

Michelle Leslie’s books are filled with the word of God and are designed in a format that makes it easy to fill your mind with the positive and then live it! God’s word brings life and creates a spiritual mindset that changes us and the world around us!

God Goals

A dream is just a dream until it is a God Goal. God Goals are tested and confirmed because of the process provided within this book. By inviting God into our goals, God Goals bring drive and focus to turn any dream, vision, change, or needed breakthrough into reality.

God Goals

Activating God’s Power in You

Scripturally-based proclamations to create a Godly mindset and build a Godly identity surrounding every area of life, including overcoming anxiety, discovering your calling, spiritual growth, and much more.

Activating God’s Power

 The Personalized Version 


The book Activating God’s Power- the Personalized Version, includes your name or the name of a loved one on the cover and throughout the scriptures within the book. 

Activating God's Power Personalized
Activating God's Power

Activating God’s Power -

Commentary & Workbook

This book walks you through provoking questions and applying scripture to every area of life. You will gain Godly perspective and direction to overcome challenges and fulfill God’s purpose in your life.  Activating God’s Power- Commentary & Workbook is perfect for self or group study.  

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