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Activating God's Power

Activating God’s Power 

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This book includes your name or the name of a loved one on the cover and throughout the scriptures within the book.

Do you want to pray with power and see results? Readers of Activating God’s Power by Michelle Leslie will learn how to pray for God’s will for their life! This personalized book is a guide to praying according to God's Word! You will discover hundreds of scripture-based prayers for all of life’s situations: from finding your identity in Christ, to awakening God’s favor in your life, to overcoming the trials of life with spiritual warfare.  

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Michelle Leslie has nearly 2,000 different personalized names published of Activating God‘s Power in You - The Personalized Version.

We are trying to find a new way to get personalized books to our contacts. At this time, if your name does not come up in the search bar, we suggest purchasing Activating God‘s Power in You.  When a solution is found to provide personalized books, an announcement will be made on social media, on this website, and in an email to anyone that has been a customer of Michelle Leslie’s in the past. Feel free to check back on this website from time to time and thank you for your patience!

Activating God's Power
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When we meditate on the word and speak it, we are activating God’s power. God’s word brings life and creates a spiritual mindset that changes us and the world around us (Romans 12:2). As you put these scriptural prayers to work in your own life and in the lives of those around you, you will see God moving and activating his Word. You can pray with power! With Activating God’s Power in You, we are praying for God's Word to overcome and bring us the freedom only found in Christ. Activating God’s Power in You is a must-read for anyone who wants to pray with strength and purpose. The faith produced from this book will lead to results, not just for ourselves, but for the lives around us.

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