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Are you tired of going around that same old mountain?

Are you in a life situation that you are desperate to change? Maybe you've been trying to create the necessary habits to improve your health, a relationship or start a business. No matter how much you know this "thing" is necessary and all the joy and improvements you will experience in your life when it is accomplished, you find with time passing you are repeating the same life patterns and have made little to no progress.

We have to be intentional, plan and as Jesus once said, "pick up our mats and walk", AKA, take action!

The few questions below may help.

  • Ask yourself, what is the whole truth of my current situation? We have to be honest with ourselves, God, and others if we want real change (John 8:31). It is sad, but true when in multiple situations, I have caught myself not seeing the whole truth of what was really going on and believing a lie. These beliefs and lies have kept me stuck, unable to change.

  • Ask yourself, what are the obstacles that are keeping you from real change? However painful, our obstacles or triggers aren't just happening to us! Pain & obstacles motivate change! They can be the very thing that God is using to reveal that a change is needed and we can use them to drive us to push past our unhealthy comfort zones and gain freedom.

  • Ask yourself, Who are you? In other words, what is your identity? How will making this change, strengthen the person God created you to be and how will it enable you to do what God created you to do?


Building identity is one of the most powerful motivators that bring authentic change.

Saying the words, "I am a chef", is much different than, "I want to cook."

Real change is possible! Romans 12:2 & Proverbs 23:7

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